Catogory:Lan cable          Product Name:Cat5e Cable
  • Name: 4-pair UTP Cat.5e cable
  • This kind of cable use bare copper to be the center conduction, with the specification 24AWG and PE to be the dielectric
  • The jacket is made of fireproof material, which is so meaningful to the Cat.5e communication
  • This Cat.5e UTP cable is conform to the ISO/IEC, TIA/EIA and EN standards and the electrical characteristics are exceed the latest Cat.5e standards
  • LSZH, means "Low Smoke Zero Halogen", which is the symbol of environmental protection
  • Electrical characteristics:
    • Impedance: 100±15Ω
    • Static electric capacity: 17.1nf/kf (max)
    • Resistance: 28.6/kf (max)
    • Unbalance resistance: 5% (max)
    • Unbalance capacity: 330pF/100m (max)
    • Communicate rate: 65%
  • Physical characteristics:
    • Copper diameter: 24AWG
    • Outer diameter: 5.0mm
    • Minimum bend radius: O.D. x 4 to 6
    • Maximum pulling tension: 10.0
    • Jacket material: PVS/LSZH
    • Rated temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Applications: 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet, 100VG-Any LAN, Token ring, ATM155/ATM622
  • Standard: ISO/IEC-11801, EN-50173, and TIA/EIA-568B
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